These days many professions are dominated by women

There was a time when men used to dominate most of the industries and women were not allowed to work in those businesses. But things are quite different now and in this time many industries are there that are dominated by women. I am not suggesting men are not allowed to work in those fields or there are not vacancies for men in those domains. But if we compare the cute and sexy stewardessrate of success or the earning in those industries, then most of the women get much bigger success compared to men.

Talking about these industries that are dominated by women, then air-line service industry is one of the most common names. You can see many sexy air hostesses in the flight crew, but not many men are there. Indeed, they do get job but sexy air hostesses always get preference compared to male flight attendant. Not just preference, but this is also a fact that sexy air hostesses get more money compared to their male counter parts. So, we can say in the aviation industry sexy air hostesses are dominating over men and this trend is not going to change in near future as well.

Just like aviation industry, paid companionship is also a field that is dominated by women instead of men. You can find male escorts and female escorts both around the world, but demand is always higher for female escorts. And just like sexy air hostesses, hot female escorts get more money for their work compared

to their male counterparts. Indeed, few men also get success in escorts business but their number is very low and their rate of success is also not very high. But if you see the rate of success for female escorts, then it could be high just like success of sexy air hostesses. And just like these examples, there are many other profession as well that are dominated by women these days.